IMT Lille Douai

IMT Lille Douai is a major educational player in today’s industrial, digital, ecological and energy transformation, offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies. The school develops high-level teaching and research in science and technology in the following areas:

• Digital Sciences

• Energy and Environment

• Materials and Processes (including Plastics processing & Composites and Civil Engineering)

Each year, in partnership with the University of Lille, IMT Lille Douai awards degrees to over 500 talented engineers, trained to anticipate economic and social changes.

In 2021, IMT Lille Douai is launching Master of Science programmes on its campus of Douai. Two high-quality master’s degrees in key sectors of the industry:

• an MSC in Eco-Design and Advanced Composite Structures

• an MSc in Advanced Design and Management of Durable Constructions

They benefit from the school’s research expertise in these domains and its close links with the business community. These collaborations are a token of quality in terms of technical skills as much as management skills that students will improve while studying one semester at IMT Business School in Paris. Graduated students will have a large choice of work opportunities from targeting a management position or assuming an operational role, to continuing on a PhD.

Totally taught in English, our students will love studying in an international environment, with classmates and professors coming from all around the world. Indeed, our "Hauts de France" region is known for the laid-back and friendly attitude of its inhabitants. Lille, the regional capital, came up as the number one city to live in France, being one of the youngest cities, with more than 100,000 students. From there, you can jump on the Eurostar or the TGV and be in a European hub in a couple of hours.

Coming in France at IMT Lille Douai is the right choice to start your international career!

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