Unesco Chair in Cultural Policy and Management (MA studies)

MA in Cultural Policy and Management study programme – taught in English and French – is internationally acclaimed and accredited by the University Lumière Lyon 2 and supported by other partner universities, professional organisations and guest experts from all over Europe. It attracts not only students from the Balkan region but also those coming from Europe and worldwide, who seek an innovative, stimulating and unique study environment.

As a heart-centred Balkans university, we benefit from the cultural resources of the capital city and the extended regional art and culture community that meets in Belgrade. This program enables students to be a part of this creative capital and of the multicultural landscape of the Balkans.

For its excellence in the promotion of intercultural cooperation and mediating capacities of culture, the MA in Cultural Policy and Management has been named UNESCO Chair in 2004.

MA in Cultural Policy and Management is implemented through lectures, project making, research-based learning, problem-solving, small group work, internships in France and Balkan countries, seminars and workshops designed to help the student develop wider contextual understanding, research skills and awareness of professional issues.

Courses are taught in both English and French (consecutively translated into English). Non-French-speaking students are given the opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge of French language through the pro bono French Course.

Since we encourage most of our students to become practising professionals, an internship in the field is obligatory, but previous professional experience might also be credited. The programme is concluded by master thesis research and finally, the title given by the University of Arts in Belgrade is MA in Cultural Policy and Management and title given by the University Lyon 2 is Master 2 Développement de Projets Artistiques et Culturels Internationaux.

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